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* Fixes a problem where the cache can run out of memory.
The number of entries is now limited by the `max_keys`
setting in the `[cache_config]` section.
* Fixed setting the `ttl` to `0` does not disable the MemoryCache
* Fixes missing details for routes/table/.../filtered
* Fixed parsing of bird version in status
* Minor patches, Readme updates
* Quotes for pipe, protocol and table names
* Fixed status parsing (PR 37)
* Added FreeBSD compatibility
* Fixed hardcoded paths to birdc
* Added docker support
* Fixed bird2 support
2.0.0 -
In order to ease the load on the routeservers and even further
reduce the memory footprint, we decided to move the per peer table
configuration out of the birdwatcher and into alice.
Please be aware, that you need the newest version of alice.
Everything else:
* Improved cach setup for inmemory and redis
* Improved housekeeping and memory footprint reduction
* Performance improvements and other good stuff.
* Add the ability to switch between redis and the classic
memory cache backend
* Fix community value misssing when parsing multiline communities
* Remove unused OrigTTL attribute from cache info
* Parser: ignore whitespace at the end of the protocol line
* Fix parser tests failing
* Parser: Fix a bug when parsing 'BGP.*community' output spanning multiple lines
* Fix the default config path to '/etc/birdwatcher/birdwatcher.conf'
This version brings a major redesign of the cache feature. The cache is more
efficient leading to fewer executions of birdc commands in high load scenarios.
Other improvements are:
* Fix testcase for /protocols/bgp
* New birdc query 'RoutesFilteredCount()'
* Queue for birdc commands, prevents running the same birdc command multiple
times in parallel on concurrent API requests.
* Cache: redesign cache structure, separation of Parsed and Meta cache
* allows independent cache access
* implement convenience methods for interaction with the cache
* Fix race condition between main() and InstallRateLimitReset()
* Fix endpoint /routes/count/table now returns integer instead of routes
* Fix endpoint /routes/count/protocol now returns integer instead of routes
* Fix endpoint /routes/prefixed ignores URL paremeter
* Fix endpoint /symbols
* Fix TestParseProtocolBgp()
* Fix some filtered routes missing in /routes/dump
* Fix parser return correct type on error
* New endpoint for total number of best-paths '/routes/count/primary'
* Parser: support extended communities and test-cases
* Introduce new data structure for extended communities replacing the Parsed type
* Cache: avoid duplicate cache writes in Status()
* Move code to Alice-LG GitHub organization
* Include caching information alongside ttl
* Repair endpoint 'protocols'
* Documentation on interpretation of route count numbers
* Improve example configuration
* Caching of parsed responses from birdc.
Eliminates an additional parser run for cache hits.
* Fix quotes in arguments of birdc commands in Routes{Table,Lookup}* methods.
This eliminates the "IP address expected" error in BIRD.
* Parser: protocol parser can now parse all types of protocols
* Parser: improved parsing of route change statistics
* Add TLS support for the HTTP listener
* Configuration: add new option for TLS 'enable_tls', 'crt' and 'key'
* Improved logging of API requests, similar to a webserver
* Execute birdc in restricted mode 'birdc -r'
* Fix detection of BIRD v2.x.y
* Fix birdc command in RoutesFiltered
* Use worker-threads to parse in parallel. This speeds up parsing of large responses e.g. BGP full-table.
* Add flag "worker-pool-size" to control number of threads while parsing
* Configuration: add setting for ttl value to control caching of bird responses
* Configuration: change default location to /etc/birdwatcher
* Parser: support BIRD v2.x with multiprotocol BGP and channels
* Parser: major refactoring
* Parser: decrease memory footprint
* use io.Reader interface
* use line-iterator for birdc output
* Detection of BIRD v1.6.x or BIRD v2.x
* Extend test coverage for IPv6
* Tests for BIRD v2.x and IPv4
* Dependencies managed by now managed by dep
* Workaround for interface conversion issue
* Fix import/export naming for routes in API
* Added support for dumping all routes