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usbasp.2011-05-28 (v1.4)
- added TPI support for ATTiny4/5/6/10 (by Slawomir Fraś)
- added support for controllers with flash >128kb (by Slawomir Fraś)
- fixed resync after program enable signal to pulse RST (based on patch by Marco S)
- updated usb driver to V-USB Release 2010-07-15
usbasp.2009-02-28 (v1.3)
- added support for software control of ISP speed (based on patch by Jurgis Brigmanis)
- included new AVRUSB driver version (Release 2008-11-26)
- added libusb windows drivers (needed for WinAVR version 20080512 or greater)
usbasp.2007-10-23 (v1.2)
- red LED turns on before connecting to target device: this signal can be used to control external tri-state buffers (by Pawel Szramowski)
- changed licence to GNU GPL v2
- included new AVRUSB driver version (Release 2007-07-07); AVRUSB licence was changed to GNU GPL v2
- fixed long addressing for Mega128 (by BoskiDialer)
- fixed returnvalue in usbWriteFunction (by Jeroen Koeter)
- changed clock.h: adaptation for newer MCUs like ATMega48 (by Hanns-Konrad Unger)
- improved Makefile to select target (by Hanns-Konrad Unger)
- circuit diagram: added zener diodes to USB data lines
- add usb reset on startup
- included new AVRUSB driver version (Release 2006-07-18)
- changed VID and PID to OBDEV's shared IDs to meet new licence conditions
- removed avrdude patch from this package. USBasp is supported in latest avrdude CVS version
- fixed blocksize restriction (programming the Mega128 now works)
by Thomas Pfeifer (TP)
- update patch for avrdude-5.0
- set USB_CFG_SAMPLE_EXACT in usbconfig.h to reduce problems with long cables
- corrected vendor string
- added notes on setting fuse bits
- first public version