Changelog for Yosys 0.7

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@ -3,6 +3,105 @@ List of major changes and improvements between releases
Yosys 0.6 .. Yosys 0.7
* Various
- Added "yosys -D" feature
- Added support for installed plugins in $(DATDIR)/plugins/
- Renamed opt_const to opt_expr
- Renamed opt_share to opt_merge
- Added "prep -flatten" and "synth -flatten"
- Added "prep -auto-top" and "synth -auto-top"
- Using "mfs" and "lutpack" in ABC lut mapping
- Support for abstract modules in chparam
- Cleanup abstract modules at end of "hierarchy -top"
- Added tristate buffer support to iopadmap
- Added opt_expr support for div/mod by power-of-two
- Added "select -assert-min <N> -assert-max <N>"
- Added "attrmvcp" pass
- Added "attrmap" command
- Added "tee +INT -INT"
- Added "zinit" pass
- Added "setparam -type"
- Added "shregmap" pass
- Added "setundef -init"
- Added "nlutmap -assert"
- Added $sop cell type and "abc -sop -I <num> -P <num>"
- Added "dc2" to default ABC scripts
- Added "deminout"
- Added "insbuf" command
- Added "prep -nomem"
- Added "opt_rmdff -keepdc"
- Added "prep -nokeepdc"
- Added initial version of "synth_gowin"
- Added "fsm_expand -full"
- Added support for fsm_encoding="user"
- Many improvements in GreenPAK4 support
- Added black box modules for all Xilinx 7-series lib cells
- Added synth_ice40 support for latches via logic loops
- Fixed ice40_opt lut unmapping, added "ice40_opt -unlut"
* Build System
- Added ABCEXTERNAL and ABCURL make variables
- Added BINDIR, LIBDIR, and DATDIR make variables
- Added PKG_CONFIG make variable
- Added SEED make variable (for "make test")
- Added YOSYS_VER_STR make variable
- Updated min GCC requirement to GCC 4.8
- Updated required Bison version to Bison 3.x
* Internal APIs
- Added ast.h to exported headers
- Added ScriptPass helper class for script-like passes
- Added CellEdgesDatabase API
* Front-ends and Back-ends
- Added filename glob support to all front-ends
- Added avail (black-box) module params to ilang format
- Added $display %m support
- Added support for $stop Verilog system task
- Added support for SystemVerilog packages
- Fixed procedural assignments to non-unique lvalues, e.g. {y,y} = {a,b}
- Added support for "active high" and "active low" latches in read_blif and write_blif
- Use init value "2" for all uninitialized FFs in BLIF back-end
- Added "read_blif -sop"
- Added "write_blif -noalias"
- Added various write_blif options for VTR support
- write_json: also write module attributes.
- Added "write_verilog -nodec -nostr -defparam"
- Added "read_verilog -norestrict -assume-asserts"
- Added support for bus interfaces to "read_liberty -lib"
- Added liberty parser support for types within cell decls
- Added "write_verilog -renameprefix -v"
- Added "write_edif -nogndvcc"
* Formal Verification
- Support for hierarchical designs in smt2 back-end
- Yosys-smtbmc: Support for hierarchical VCD dumping
- Added $initstate cell type and vlog function
- Added $anyconst and $anyseq cell types and vlog functions
- Added printing of code loc of failed asserts to yosys-smtbmc
- Added memory_memx pass, "memory -memx", and "prep -memx"
- Added "proc_mux -ifx"
- Added "yosys-smtbmc -g"
- Deprecated "write_smt2 -regs" (by default on now)
- Made "write_smt2 -bv -mem" default, added "write_smt2 -nobv -nomem"
- Added support for memories to
- Added "yosys-smtbmc --dump-vlogtb"
- Added "yosys-smtbmc --smtc --dump-smtc"
- Added "yosys-smtbmc --dump-all"
- Added assertpmux command
- Added "yosys-smtbmc --unroll"
- Added $past, $stable, $rose, $fell SVA functions
- Added "yosys-smtbmc --noinfo and --dummy"
- Added "yosys-smtbmc --noincr"
- Added "yosys-smtbmc --cex <filename>"
- Added $ff and $_FF_ cell types
- Added $global_clock verilog syntax support for creating $ff cells
- Added clk2fflogic
Yosys 0.5 .. Yosys 0.6