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  1. Install pushfin: pip3 install pushfin
  2. Create configuration file at: ~/.pushfin.yaml. Take a look at the example configuration.
  3. Add pushfin to crontab: crontab -e:
12 * * * * pushfin

Transaction fields for formatting


Standard transaction data is parsed by the mt940 Python Module.

Common fields are listed below:

Formatting field Example value Description
trx[status] 'D' 'D' = Debit, 'C' = Credit
trx[funds_code] None
trx[id] 'NMSC'
trx[customer_reference] None
trx[bank_reference] None
trx[extra_details] ''
trx[currency] 'EUR'
trx[date] Unix Timestamp
trx[entry_date] Unix Timestamp
trx[transaction_code] '020'
trx[posting_text] 'Überweisung'
trx[prima_nota] '006200'
trx[purpose] 'Kino Tickets'
trx[applicant_bin] 'PBNABSEEFXXX'
trx[applicant_iban] 'DE71235623523523523'
trx[applicant_name] 'Max Mustermann'
trx[return_debit_notes] None
trx[recipient_name] None
trx[additional_purpose] None
trx[gvc_applicant_iban] None
trx[gvc_applicant_bin] None
trx[end_to_end_reference] None
trx[additional_position_reference] None
trx[applicant_creditor_id] None
trx[purpose_code] None
trx[additional_position_date] None
trx[deviate_applicant] None
trx[deviate_recipient] None
trx[old_SEPA_CI] None
trx[old_SEPA_additional_position_reference] None
trx[settlement_tag] None
trx[debitor_identifier] None
trx[compensation_amount] None
trx[original_amount] None

Extra fields

For ease formatting, we extended the standard MT940 fields with the following helpers:

Formatting field Example value Description
trx[date_ts] 1525007188 A Unix timestamp of the date field
trx[date_fmt] '2018-04-28' A formatted date of the date field
trx[entry_date_ts] 1525007188 A Unix timestamp of the entry_date field
trx[entry_date_fmt] '2018-04-28' A formatted date of the entry_date field
trx[amout] -20.42 Just the amount of the transaction (see amount)
trx[dir] 'from'/'to'
trx[color] '#009933'
bal[amount] '3.52'
bal[currency] 'EUR' Current balance valuta
bal[date] '2018-03-23' Balance currency
bal[date_fmt] Date of last valuta