Xilinx Embedded Software (embeddedsw) Development
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Kedareswara rao Appana fff3aa2723 mcap: linux: Improve error info..
This patch updates the error information
message in the driver so that it will error out
with detailed info so that it will be clear to the users
incase of path to bitstreams is incorrect.

Signed-off-by: Kedareswara rao Appana <appanad@xilinx.com>
8 years ago
ThirdParty pdf file updates for 2015.4 release 8 years ago
XilinxProcessorIPLib/drivers Drivers: Doxygen changes for 2015.4 8 years ago
doc changelog: updated the changelog for latest freertos823 8 years ago
lib pdf file updates for 2015.4 release 8 years ago
mcap/linux mcap: linux: Improve error info.. 8 years ago
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embeddedsw.git - repo for standalone software

All software is version less and divided into three directories
	- lib
		contains bsp, zynq fsbl and software services like xilisf
	- license.txt
		contains information about the various licenses and copyrights
	- XilinxProcessorIPLib
		contains all drivers
	- ThirdParty
		software from third party like light weight IP stack
	- mcap
		software for using MCAP interface on Ultra Scale boards to
		program 2nd level bitstream

Every driver/lib/apps/services has these sub-directories

1. data		- contains tcl, mdd, testapp tcl or header files used in SDK
2. doc		- documentation of source code in form of pdf or html
3. examples	- illustrating different use cases of driver
4. src		- driver interface code implementing functionality of IP

|	|- drivers
|		|- uartps
|			|- data
|			|- src
|			|- doc
|			|- examples
|	|- bsp
|		|- standalone
|			|- data
|			|- src
|				|- cortexa9
|				|- microblaze
|				|- common
|				|- profile
|			|- doc
|		|- xilkernel
|			|- data
|			|- doc
|			|- src
|	|- sw_apps
|		|- zynq_fsbl [described below]
|	|- sw_services
|		|- xilffs
|		|- xilskey
|		|- xilmfs
|		|- xilrsa
|		|- xilflash
|		|- xilisf
|	Note - All these are libraries and utilize drivers
|	|- sw_services
|        	|- lwip140
|	|-linux

Building FSBL from git:

FSBL has 3 directories.
	1. data - It contains files for SDK
	2. src  - It contains the FSBK source files
	3. misc - It contains miscelanious files required to
		  compile FSBL for zc702, zc706, zed and
		  microzed boards.
		  It also contains the ps7_init_gpl.[c/h] with gpl
		  header in respective board directories.

How to compile FSBL:
	1.Go to the Fsbl src directory "lib/sw_apps/zynq_fsbl/src/"
	2. make "BOARD=<>" "CC=<>"
		a. Values for BOARD  are zc702, zc706, zed, microzed
		b. Value for CC is arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc. Default value is also same.
	3.Give "make" to compile the fsbl with BSP. By default it is
	  built for zc702 board with arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc compiler
	4.Below are the examples for compiling for different options
		a. To generate Fsbl for zc706 board
			i.make "BOARD=zc706"
		b.To generate Fsbl for zc702 board with debug enable
		  and RSA support
		c.To generate Fsbl for zc706 board and compile with arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc
		  with MMC support
			i.make "BOARD=zc706" "CC=arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc" "CFLAGS=-DMMC_SUPPORT"